Fed & Fit’s |Creamy Chicken Piccata

Holy moly… I have zero words to describe the way I feel about what happened last night.

So we aren’t going to talk about it.

This morning I woke up terribly hung over. I stayed up to watch the end of the election. By the time it was over I had consumed all the Gin and was well on my way to finishing the end of the Jameson.  I woke up with a heavy heart that was full of fear, anxiety and sadness. Normally I would dive right into yoga and practice some self love… but the thought of Down Dog made my head spin and stomach churn! Since it was too early for lunch, I jumped right into cleaning and organizing. Now my apartment [minus the kitchen] is squeaky clean and there isn’t an item out of place!

This summer I made a deal with myself that I was finally going to lose the 50 pounds I had gained. Moving out of Chicago to North West Indiana was probably the best thing I could have done to get me back in the kitchen and not eating out every meal. The food scene sucks here. My girlfriend and I always joke ‘Pick your favorite chain restaurant’! You name it and it is here. With her being Vegan and me eating Paleo… cooking at home is our best bet!

I have been following Juli at PaleOMG since the beginning of my paleo journey 3+ years ago. Her posts are hilarious and her recipes were easy to follow along with and I quickly got the hang of Paleo and felt comfortable exploring out on my own. I have both of her cook books, follow her on social, and secretly want to steal her Frenchie- Jackson. This summer she collabed with Cassie at Fed & Fit for a 28 day food & fitness plan! I don’t use recipes any more BUT I was super stoked for it to come out because I wanted the workouts! Little did I know that I would fall in love with the whole book!


So! I am at the half way point on my weight loss journey. My deadline is my birthday. [I know, you shouldn’t put deadlines on weight loss but I work best under pressure!] I feel like March is rapidly approaching with a ton of holidays in between… BUT HEY! |30 Pounds Before 30| has a great ring to it! So we are going to make it happen.

The blog has started back up and I have started an Insta just for my food [@what.this.broad.is.cooking]. I am super pumped and rejuvenated for the last leg of my journey! I gave the blog a face lift yesterday and am super jazzed to share my foods and always improving plating skills with y’all!

On to the food!

Today I am sharing Fed & Fit’s Creamy Chicken Piccata!

I am super excited for this!

The original recipe if for a casserole but I served it deconstructed.

OH MY DAMN! It was amazing and so easy to make!


I put the spaghetti squash in the oven while I was finishing up cleaning. Once it was done I let it sit while I made the rest of the goodies. The recipe called for chicken thighs, but I have to eat low fat foods to avoid gallbladder surgery [that is a story for another day!]. So I used chicken breast instead and cut it up into chunks so it would cook at the same speed thighs would have. Once the chicken was done I took it out of the pan and made the sauce.

Plated. Took a picture and scarfed it down! There are leftovers for supper tonight!! Yes!!!

Now it is time to do the dishes… I am ready for a nap!

Thanks for stopping in! look for a new blog post each Wednesday!



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