Weekend Edition: Meyer Farms Organic Farm Stand Adventure

Happy weekend, y’all!

The heat has finally turned on here in the Windy City this week. Holy moly! I didn’t know I could sweat so much!

This week has been a doozy at work. I am trying to wrap up loose ends before I start my new position. I never realized how much I actually did each day until I had to train someone. 🙂 So after the stressful week, I figured I better make the most of my weekend. Especially while I still have them because my new schedule is going to be back to retail hours. This makes my heart sad!

I went to brunch at my favorite brunch spot to date: Tweet.  It is in Uptown, you need to try it out if you have never been there. We went early… I suggest going earlier in the day because the closer to Brunch you get, the crazier it is. I got the breakfast croissant sandwich with ham, scrambled eggs, and provolone. IT.IS.TO.DIE.FOR. It comes with hash browns and fresh fruit too. I cannot get enough! Everything on the menu looks so good and they even offer a gluten free menu to! This morning they brought us free mimosas. As if the place couldn’t get any better! 🙂

After I stuffed myself I ventured out to Wauconda, IL to go to Meyer Farm. I was introduced to Meyer Farm through work and immediate fell in love the moment their sales rep Sarah shoved a mini cauliflower brownie into my hands. They are a local organic farm and Whole Foods Market on-boarded them and you can now find Meyer Farm Herbs on the shelves at every Whole Foods Market in the Midwest (minus Ontario). I got the opportunity to tour their farm with the owner a month back and found out they had a farm stand open every weekend! They are super great! If you are looking to take a stroll out of the city, GO! It is great. Their produce is great. They also have Salsa and Pasta Sauces too! Which are just as amazing.

I had a great time this morning. Sarah and Vern happened to be there and I got to talk a walk to see the herbs that they were getting ready to harvest for our next shipment! I bought a whole basket worth of stuff and drove my happy ass to Whole Foods in Deerfield to get the rest of the produce items I needed and some delicious meet! I ran into my old Store Team Leader. It was good to catch up and share some laughs!

When I finally made it back to my apartment I was filled with such excitement, I couldn’t wait to share my morning! 🙂

Hope you have a good weekend! Stay tuned for a new post of What is That Broad Cooking Tonight.  I have Wild Boar in the oven and working on Pickles as we speak!



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